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Hi! :) Thank you so much for participating in [livejournal.com profile] festivids. This is my first year, and I'm very excited to take part. I have never had a vid made just for me, so I am thrilled that you will be spending time doing something this holiday season to make me smile. :) And look! You've already succeeded. :)

It was really tricky for me to narrow down the list of provided fandoms to just eight, but you should know that all of the ones that made it to the final cut are things that hold a very special place in my heart for one reason or another. Whichever one you choose to vid, and whichever mood you decide to interpret it as, I'm sure I will love what you do. My only trigger is violence/gore/blood and none of these fandoms have that, so rest assured that you're safe. I have ecclectic taste in music and pretty much will listen to eveything and anything. I'm particularly fond of 60's and 80's music (Duran Duran ♥), I love movie scores, and I am pretty much a swoony, girly girl underneath it all. I also have a silly sense of humor, so I love to laugh, but I am all about the tearjerkers and doomed relationships, too. ;) And just for random's sake, my favorite color is green.

I gave notes on each of these when I submitted the participation form, so I apologize if any of this is redundant. Again, these are all just random bits of my feelings about each of these fandoms. Do with it what you will. :)

Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea - 1985, 1987 [Movie] I ADORE these movies. I dyed my hair red and did my homework by kerosene lamp so I could be like Anne. I am a Gil/Anne shipper &hearts, but also love Anne's relationship with Marilla and Matthew. I love costumes and so an emphasis on Anne's dresses and hats would be fun to see. As fun and as light as the movies are, I do really appreciate the angst as well, and I prefer Anne more grown up than young, but I detest the third movie. :p

Contact - 1997 [Movie] (safety) This is one of my top five favorite movies of all time. I love the theme of science versus religion and of course above all having faith that is so rich in this movie, and I would love to see how you could set this wonderful story to music. It's all about finding answers and I love the questions it asks. And on a silly note, I am particularly fond of the dress Jodie Foster wears to the formal gala, and well, I would like to see a clip of it in the vid. ;)

Dirty Dancing - 1987 [Movie] (safety) This is one of those movies that I forget how much I love until I catch it late at night on TV and then I'm like "YES!!!!" I love the time period and the coming of age tale. I love stories that have the characters realize that people they admire and look up to might be flawed, and how people might judge people unfairly. I have no issues with the abortion aspect of the story, so feel free to go gritty and dramatic if you so desire. Of course the dancing is the fun part of this story, but I love all the drama as well. I think a 60's song would be appropriate for this particular fandom, but that's just a guideline. And I should mention that I have a foot and shoe fetish and there are some great shots in this movie to use. ;)

Mad Men [TV] This is my favorite show on television and in my opinion it is close to perfect. All of the characters are so richly complex and flawed, and I love and hate all of them at various aspects of the show. ;) I LOVE the time period, the fashion, the politics. I adore it all. I can really only see this vidded to a 60's song, but hey, you could surprise me. I will point out that I love the Don/Peggy relationship (non-romantically, but the parallels drawn between them are unavoidable.) I also love Roger/Joan and Joan/Don would probably make my shipper heart explode. I adore Don in 'daddy' mode (even when he fails) and Sally is another fun character to explore. There are so few vids out there for this show, however you want to run with it will make me squee!

Muppets [Movie,TV] I will start out by telling you that I'm responsible for THIS. That should help explain my obsession for all things muppets. I LOVE KERMIT. Kermit is my favorite by far, but I really love them all (well, except for Piggy...) ;) Anything Muppet show, the movies or even Sesame Street (ELMO) will make me flail! I think silly is the way to go and a catchy, fun song that makes you want to dance would probably be fun, too. You would get extra bonus points of love if you can work out a Christian Bale cameo in the vid, too. ;) ;) Just keep it in the spirit of the muppets and it will be beyond awesome! :D

Project Runway [TV] I have watched this show since day one and I really enjoy it. I should point out that I am a seamstress, so clearly I love the fashion and fabrics and all the sewing details. I'm not so much into all the drama behind the scenes, so a focus on the clothes and sewing would make me the happiest. I adore Tim Gunn and all of his sayings, and I really love the more 'costumey' fashions. :)

Sense & Sensibility (1995) [Movie] (safety) Another one of my alltime favorite movies. I love the costumes and art design. I love the relationship shown between the sisters. I do like the comedy, but I adore the drama and angst. I want to swoon. ;) I love Col Brandon, and I love Marianne's character. Eleanor also is so fabulous so I'm sure with this fandom you can do no wrong in my eyes. :)

Sex and the City [Movie,TV] This show is one of my all time favorite TV shows, but the movies have broken me. The first one was just sort of meh, but the second movie made me want to set it on fire and make it disappear off the world. I pretend it doesn't exist. The show though is so rich and so wonderful that I am sure you can make a fabulous vid with its material. I love all of the characters, Carrie of course being the heart. I love the fashions, wacky and weird and even Charlotte's tailored and conservative. I adored Aidan but of course I love Mr. Big, too. Love the post-it episode with Burger and my favorite episodes are 'I ♥ NY' and 'My Motherboard, Myself.' Yes, I like the angst, a lot. But the comedy is so great, too. I would love to see how you would interpret this show into a vid. :) I'm sure I would treasure it!

So there it is. :) I hope this helps you out a little and doesn't confuse you too much. Sorry for the length.

I hope you have a wonderful time vidding!!! I'll be over here doing the happy dance in the meantime. ;)

Happy Vidding, my new friend!

~Ferd :)

P.S. Treat Vids are always welcome. :D :D :D

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Date: 2010-10-17 05:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anoel.livejournal.com
It is so good to see another person request Project Runway and Mad Men (also SaTC but I didn't have room to include it). I love them all SO MUCH too :)

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Date: 2010-10-17 02:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ferdalump.livejournal.com
YAY!! :) It's so great to find others that love shows as much as you do. :D Hopefully we'll see some wonderful Project Runway and Mad Men vids come January. :D


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