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"For a Dreamer, Night's the only time of day."

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Birthdate:May 16
Location:Florida, United States of America

To a dreamer, night's the only time of day

Things Ferd is: Married. Obsessive. Childless. Christian Bale fanatical fangirl. Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane (Brois) shipper. Batman fan. Erica Durance fan. Duran Duran slasher. Fan vidder. Manipper. Passionate. Procrastinator. Nocturnal. Tenacious. Sassy. Bitchy. Random. Creative. Stubborn. Silly. Opinionated. Taurus. Romantic. The rare breed of Realist/Dreamer. And I think I should mention Obsessive again.

Warning: This journal is NC-17 Rated. I curse a lot. I manip, vid, write and talk about porn. I slash and I like Mpreg.

I post candid pictures of Christian Bale, his wife and their daughter. I also make manips of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne & Erica Durance as Lois Lane in all sorts of crazy ways ranging from smushy pics with babies to fully nude erotica. I also post about muppets. If any of this offends you, go away. I don't deal with hate from casual internet acquaintances.

I post multiple times EVERY day and 98% of those posts are Christian Bale, Bruce/Lois or Batman related. If you don't feel you can live with that, don't add me to your list. Just telling you up front what I'm about. I don't want you to whine later that I spam your list.

My journal is 100% Friends Only, and I am pretty picky about who I add to my list. If you feel like we have things in common, leave a comment here and I'll check your journal out. (Just a hint, if you hate what I love or have a new/empty journal, I'll probably not friend you back. ;) )

I'm open minded and respectful of a myriad of fandoms and fetishes. I know what I'm into is odd, so if you feel you can't be respectful, do us both a favor and find another journal to stalk. I don't take bullshit from strangers.

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"Obsessive people do extraordinary things."
-- Christian Bale

+ = Kermit Bale
(aka further proof of my insanity)
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I adopted a cute lil' batman fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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